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Personal injury and the cost of a spinal cord injury

Injuries can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. Some of them are so minor that they don't even disrupt an individual's day-to-day life. Others, though, are so severe that they leave an individual permanently disabled. This latter group of people can find it challenging to make ends meet at a time when they struggle to recoup as much of their life as is possible under the circumstances. This can leave them completely overwhelmed.

One type of injury that can have this effect is one that affects the spinal cord. While spinal cord injuries can have an enormous impact on one's physical capabilities, including potentially leaving one paralyzed, the costs associated with caring for such an injury can be financially debilitating. For example, those in California and elsewhere who suffer from incomplete motor function can face around $347,000 in medical and rehabilitative care costs in the first year alone. Those with high-tetraplegia may be hit with more than $1 million in similar costs in the year following their injury.

Facing employment law issues? Consider legal help

Recently on the blog we discussed breach of contract and the remedies that can be sought in the event that a contract is breached. Contractual issues are important and make up a significant portion of business law issues in California, but they do not incorporate all legal conflicts that can arise in the employment law context. Instead, there may be issues with regards to wage and hour laws and even matters related to harassment and discrimination.

Regardless of which side of these disputes you find yourself on, you could have a lot on the line. Of course, your primary concern may be compensation, as is usually the case in a breach of contract. But other matters may be important to you as well. The stark truth is that if you want to protect your interests, then you'll need to be armed with aggressive legal arguments that support your position. After all, your opponent likely will.

Distraction and exhaustion are common issues in truck crashes

Any car crash can have catastrophic results for the people in the vehicles involved. Certain kinds of accidents, however, carry larger risks for severe injury and even death. Collisions between vehicles with large disparities in size are a perfect example.

The people using the smaller vehicle are likely to suffer worse injuries as a result of a collision. When a motorcycle driver collides with a passenger vehicle, the end result can be tragic for the person on the motorcycle. When the collision is between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck, the people in the smaller vehicle almost always bear the brunt of the consequences.

There are remedies under employment law for breach of contract

Contracts form the backbone of the business world. Without them, businesses in California couldn't rely on their supplies, which would make meeting demand difficult, if not impossible. There would also be a wide swing in prices since manufacturing costs wouldn't be controlled, and businesses and individuals could go back on their word at the last minute without ramifications. In essence, without enforceable contracts, the business world would be chaotic.

So, when businesses or individuals come to an agreement and memorialize a bartered-for exchange of goods or services, everything should go as planned, right? Ideally, yes. But, as most of you know, far too often the terms of a contract are broken. This is known as a breach of contract. Fortunately, when a party fails to fulfill any of the terms under a contract and breach has occurred, it may be possible to take legal action to remedy the situation.

Negligence can increase semi-truck stopping distances

It's common for an individual in California to feel anxiety when boxed in by semi-trucks on the highway or interstate. After all, these vehicles dwarf most other vehicles, meaning that a truck accident can cause significant damage and leave motorists with serious injuries. In the worst cases, a motor vehicle accident involving a semi-truck accident will be fatal. This is why federal regulators work to ensure that truckers are properly trained and rested prior to driving, and that truck companies work hard to ensure their fleets are well-maintained. Neglecting any aspect of truck driving or truck maintenance can significantly increase the risk of an accident.

One reason behind some truck accidents is that semi-trucks require a longer distance to safely come to a stop. An average passenger car can be up to 18 feet long and weight as much as 4,000 pounds, but a semi-truck can be up to 65 feet long and weigh 80,000 pounds. So, a car traveling at 40 miles per hour will require about 125 feet to safely come to a stop. A semi-truck, on the other hand, requires about 170 feet when traveling at the same rate of speed. When speeds are increased, so, too, are the stopping distances needed. At 65 miles per hour, a car requires 316 feet to safely stop, whereas a semi-truck needs 525 feet. That difference is nearly the length of a football field.

What are some common employment law contract terms?

There are numerous ways that businesses in California can seek to attract talent, and potential employees can negotiate the terms of their employment. The most common way is through the creation of an employment contract. Prior to entering into one of these agreements, it is critical to understand the types of terms that may be included in them. If you don't, then you may find yourself signing off on something that could end up working to your detriment.

There are many terms included in an employment contract. The most obvious amongst them are compensation and benefits, including paid time off, retirement packages and health insurance. Yet, there are a number of other terms that can be just as important to your future. For example, the determination of how intellectual property will be owned can be crucial. A term in an employment contract may state that an employer is the sole owner of all intellectual property created while an employee is employed, or it may provide carve-outs that allow an employee some leeway to create his or her own works.

Personal injury and the effects of a traumatic brain injury

A few weeks ago, this blog we discussed the costs associated with treating a spinal cord injury. While a spinal cord injury can certainly be catastrophic and life-altering, it is not the only type of harm that can completely upend a Californian's well-being. Traumatic brain injuries can also have a profound impact on an individual's life, requiring him or her to completely change the way he or she lives.

To start, a traumatic brain injury can cause significant damage to one's motor functions. A TBI sufferer may have trouble walking or controlling his or her limbs, vision can become troublesome and even identifying objects by touch can become difficult. These deficits can make what were once simple activities like getting dressed challenging or impossible.

Drunk drivers can cause all kinds of serious, preventable crashes

One of the biggest sources of risk for any driver on the road in California is the potential to cross paths with an impaired driver. Despite state laws making it illegal to get behind the wheel after more than a few drinks, a lot of people still choose to drive drunk. Those drunk drivers are responsible for a significant portion of crashes and collisions that occur in California each year.

Drunk drivers also cause a number of severe injuries and fatalities to other people. While you may understand that drunk driving is dangerous and choose not to get behind the wheel after imbibing, not everyone makes the same informed decision. The end result is that hundreds of people end up hurt or killed by drunk drivers in California each year.

When and to whom do overtime laws apply in California?

Many workers in California feel that they are at their employer's disposal. Oftentimes, this means that they feel obligated to take on extra work when requested, even if it means lengthening their day. These individuals may be afraid to turn down their employer out of fear of retaliation or termination, but others welcome the opportunity in hopes that they will receive overtime pay.

In California, individuals can only work up to eight hours per day, or 40 hours per week. Any work time over these limits should be compensated at one-and-a-half times the employee's hourly rate. Therefore, an individual who earns $10 per hour and works one hour of overtime should be compensated $15 for that extra hour of work. There are times when an individual must be paid twice his or her hourly wage, though, such as when he or she works more than 12 hours in a given day, or if he or she works more than eight hours on the seventh consecutive workday.

Costs associated with spinal cord damages can be enormous

Those individuals in California who are injured by the negligence of another can face a variety of harms. Some are lucky enough to escape a car accident with little more than a few bumps and bruises. Others aren't so fortunate. They may suffer from traumatic brain injuries that leave them cognitively, physically and behaviorally impaired, or they may wind up needing amputation of a major limb. These catastrophic injuries can completely change an individual's life, making it hard -- if not impossible -- for him or her to live what was once considered a normal life.

Amongst these catastrophic injuries are those affecting the spinal cord. These injuries can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity, but almost all of them are severe. One may wind some impaired motor skills, while others become paralyzed from the injury down. While the physical limitations posed by these injuries are readily apparent, what may not be is the financial ramifications of treating them.

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