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Employment law and pregnancy discrimination

| Apr 11, 2019 | employment law |

California workplaces are meant to be fair and safe for all. Even though that basic concept is well-known, people with biases and outdated practices will still discriminate against others in the workplace. For employees, this can mean being passed over for jobs, promotions or raises, and it can even lead to a hostile work environment when an individual is demeaned and humiliated in the workplace. For employers, claims of discrimination can have a profound financial impact. It is easy to see how there is a lot on the line for both parties when claims of discrimination are raised.

One often overlooked form of discrimination is discrimination against pregnant women. Employers sometimes find themselves concerned about hiring a pregnant woman, because she may soon be taking significant time off of work. The same thinking is sometimes held with regards to promoting a pregnant woman. Some employers even go so far as to fire pregnant women out of fear of lost production during their maternity leave. None of these actions are acceptable in the eyes of the law, and they may lead to a lawsuit.

As obvious as that type of discrimination may seem, pregnancy discrimination is much broader, encompassing other discriminatory acts. For example, an employer cannot ask a woman whether she is pregnant or plans to become pregnant during a job interview. Additionally, pregnant women must receive the same benefits as other employees.

Regardless of which side of a discrimination dispute an individual falls on, there can be a lot at stake. Therefore, it is usually of critical importance to ensure that one’s position is as fully supported as possible by strong legal arguments. Competent employment law attorneys stand ready to help with this process.