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Car accidents can result in serious skull fractures

| Aug 30, 2019 | personal injury |

The sudden impact of a car accident can cause extensive damage to vehicles and people alike. Although many victims are able to escape with minor injuries, others suffer catastrophic injuries. Brain and spinal cord injuries are among the most severe injuries that can be suffered, and they can leave individuals forever changed. Far too often these victims are left with permanent disabilities that are expensive to treat and prevent them from living what they once considered a normal life.

Yet, brain and spinal cord injuries aren’t the only catastrophic injuries that car accident victims can suffer. Skull fractures, for example, can also be extremely problematic. Although many skull fractures have accompanying brain injuries, this isn’t always the case.

Skull fractures that are depressed are the most likely to require surgery. Without prompt treatment, these skull fractures can lead to brain damage and serious cosmetic issues. The costs associated with the requisite medical exams, surgeries, and medications can be overwhelming, especially when an individual is unable to work.

For most people, recovering from a skull fracture is relatively easy. However, other people facing the injury may require more extensive, and costly, medical care, especially if their fracture has resulted in brain or spinal cord damage. Fortunately, legal claims may allow a victim to recoup their losses and hold the negligent driver who injured them accountable. This process isn’t always easy, though, which is why competent personal injury attorneys stand ready to help, so that car accident victims can focus on their recoveries.