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We fight for those in California facing workplace retaliation

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | employment law |

Discrimination and harassment are all too common occurrences in the workplace. Despite efforts made by federal and state governments, as well as nonprofit organizations and even some businesses, bad actors continue to perpetuate hostile work environments throughout California. Although there are laws designed to protect workers who have the strength and courage to step forward and take action against those who have harassed them or discriminated against them, oftentimes simply bringing these actions to an employer’s attention can result in retaliation.

The ramifications of retaliation can be quite significant. A worker may be passed over for promotion, come under scrutiny, lose hours, see a pay cut or even lose his or her job. Additionally, an employer may start rumors that degrade an individual’s reputation in the workplace, which in itself can cause a ripple effect of damages.

Fortunately, the law protects against retaliation. Such protections aren’t automatic, though, which means that those who are impacted by retaliation need to be prepared to take legal action to protect their best interests. The legal team at The Costa Law Firm is highly experienced and skilled at handling employment law cases, including those related to retaliation. We understand the difficulties that can arise when retaliation occurs, which is why we fight as aggressively as possible when handling one of these cases.

In the end, we do whatever we can to make things right for our clients. That may mean seeking reinstatement of a position, hours, or wages, or it may mean seeking compensation for lost wages and damages to one’s reputation. Our firm has a track record of success in representing workers who have been wronged in these cases, and we look forward to advocating for those who have yet to come forward.