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Popular heartburn medication recalled over cancer fears

| Oct 10, 2019 | products liability |

Consumers expect the products they use to be safe. While certain regulations seek to bring those expectations to fruition, the reality is that dangerous products still find their way into the marketplace. This puts innocent individuals at risk of being seriously harmed, even when they are using a product as intended. Those who suffer harm caused by a defective product may want to consider taking legal action to potentially recover compensation for their damages.

Many Americans may be in that position now after the Food and Drug Administration announced that high levels of a contaminant found in the over-the-counter heartburn medicine Zantac have been linked to cancer. According to reports, probable carcinogen NDMA is present in the medication, which many believe is a byproduct of the chemical form of the drug itself. The medication has been pulled from many store shelves, and additional recall action may be taken in the near future.

Although the cancer-causing agent found in Zantac and its generic forms is not created by errors in the manufacturing process, these drugs also don’t contain any warnings regarding the possibility of causing cancer. Therefore, innocent and unsuspecting consumers have been putting their own health and well-being at risk because federal regulators and pharmaceutical companies failed to exercise due diligence when testing these medications for harmful components and failed to provide adequate warnings regarding the dangers they pose.

No one should be hurt by medication, especially when it has been approved by the FDA. Yet, as the news consistently shows, dangerous medications are being discovered all the time in the marketplace. Individuals who have suffered harm at the hands of one of these drugs should think about discussing the matter with a products liability attorney.