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Chicken recalled over concerns of metal contamination

| Nov 21, 2019 | products liability |

Nearly every aspect of our lives is regulated to a certain extent. Traffic laws control those who drive on roads, medications are rigorously tested before being released to the public, and even our food is subjected to inspection in its preparation and distribution. All of these regulations are meant to keep the public safe. Yet, dangerous products make their way to the market all too often, thereby putting innocent consumers at risk.

Just look at one recent recall that affects chicken distributed to multiple states, including California. The USDA indicated that a processing plant in Arkansas is recalling more than two million pounds of chicken out of concerns that it may be contaminated with metal. The chicken was shipped to businesses and institutions, such as restaurants, hospitals, and schools, and is ready to be cooked. The USDA has classified the recall as Class I, meaning that there is a reasonable probability that consuming the food will lead to serious injury or death.

While this recall doesn’t affect chicken sold to grocery stores and there have not been any reported injuries to date, consumers still need to be vigilant. If they get sick after consuming food at a restaurant, hospital, school, or other institution, then they may want to consider the cause of that illness. If it can be linked to improper practices anywhere along the processing and distribution chain, including inadequate cooking, then legal action may be justified in the form of a products liability lawsuit.

If successful on one of these claims, an injured individual may be able to recover compensation for their damages. These damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To learn more about this type of legal action and whether it’s right in a particular circumstance, injured and sickened individuals can reach out to a legal professional of their choosing.