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Popular Ford F-150 pickup trucks at center of recent recall

| Mar 11, 2020 | products liability |

Californians who own a Ford F-150 pickup truck will want to note that the LED headlights they may have chosen as part of an upgrade on their vehicle are now the reason behind a recall of more than 217,000 F-150s.

2018 through 2020 Ford F-150 model vehicles provided the buyer with the option of equipping their pickup truck with LED headlights. However, an issue has been uncovered regarding the vehicle’s headlight switch software.

The problem is that when motorists turn on their low-beam headlights, the vehicle’s daytime running lights do not turn off. And, when daytime running lights and low-beam headlights are both turned on, the combination of light is too strong for others on the road. This could lead to car accidents. It is important to note that this issue is only present when drivers manually turn on their low-beam headlights — not when the switch stays at “auto.”

While to date it is not known whether this issue has caused any motor vehicle accidents, Ford also hasn’t stated when owners of the affected pickup trucks will be contacted regarding the recall. However, Ford dealers will be able to remedy the software issue at no cost to consumers.

It is important to pay attention to product recalls involving automobiles. A defective automobile is a danger to its driver, passengers and others sharing the road. Whether it is a design defect, a manufacturing defect or a warning defect, legal remedies may be available to those injured due to a defective product. However, what remedies — if any — are available depends on the circumstances surrounding the case, and no two cases are alike. Products liability attorneys in California can provide more information to those who have questions about this area of law.