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New technology looks promising for spinal cord injury sufferers

| Apr 3, 2020 | personal injury |

A car accident can quickly turn your life upside-down. Sure, you’ll probably need a new vehicle, but the injuries suffered can leave you with an extensive amount of physical pain that may be debilitating. In some instances, these injuries are so severe that they affect the way you live your daily life, preventing you from cooking, cleaning, playing with your children, and even grooming yourself. These injuries can cause quite an emotional toll, not to mention a financial crater. All of this can be emotionally overwhelming, perhaps leaving you with a sense that all hope is lost.  But it isn’t.

Take a look at one experiment that seems promising for those affected by spinal cord injuries. There, electrodes were implanted on an individuals brain for the purpose of transmitting electrical impulses to a prosthetic attached to a once paralyzed limb. That prosthetic activates the muscles and, in this case, allowed the spinal cord injury victim to close his hand. All of this happened in a fraction of a second. After a year, the man has now reclaimed some of his ability to perform simple tasks such as holding a pen or a spoon.

Of course, given the newness of this research, it is only available in a lab setting. Experts hope to make the technology smaller and user-friendlier so that spinal cord injury victims can obtain the technology and easily use it in their day-to-day lives.

And this is just one of the many research projects underway to help those who are disabled by serious injuries. Until those technologies are made readily available, though, you might find yourself concerned about how to make ends meet, secure the treatment and rehabilitation you need, and ease your pain and suffering.

Hope isn’t lost here, either. If your injuries were caused by the negligence of another, then you may be able to recover compensation for your losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll need to be armed with strong legal arguments, though, which is where the assistance of a skilled legal professional may prove beneficial.