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McDonald’s faces sexual harassment class action suit

| May 7, 2020 | employment law |

You may be working in your dream career or maybe it is a new job you are still unsure about. No matter the length of time you have been in the position or industry, there is one thing that is for certain; you want to be taken seriously as a woman in the workplace.

It is something you hear on the news and see on television and in the movies. Harassment in the workplace seems like an unfortunate situation that happens to other women, but it is a terrible event that could happen to any individual in California, male or female. And when you suspect that you may be a victim of harassment in the work environment, it is imperative that you obtain a knowledgeable perspective on the matter.

The fast food franchise McDonald’s is not only recognized nationally but also has locations across the globe. Thus, when allegations of sexual harassment experienced by female employees working at a wide range of corporate-owned locations, this impacts all employees and anyone who visits the golden arches.

According to recent reports, a class action suit was filed against McDonald’s Corp, asserting that it subjected female employees to widespread sexual harassment. This class action focused on those employees at corporate-owned locations in Florida, and the suit was filed in Federal court in Chicago. The class action stated that the company has fostered a climate of severe or pervasive sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Conduct such as groping, physical assaults and sexually charged verbal comments were included in the lawsuit.

More than 100 locations are represented in the suit; however, the exact number of women included in the class action suit was not stated. It was reported that they are seeking $500 million in compensatory damages as well as additional punitive damages.

In the complaint, it was alleged that McDonald’s failed to provide training to employees and supervisors to prevent sexual harassment, and when complaints of sexual harassment occurred, the serial harassers were just shuffled from one location to another without consequences. It was further asserted that those that complained were ignored and sometimes punished for speaking up.

Coming forward with allegations of harassment in the workplace is difficult. You are likely feeling many emotions, one of them being fear. It is common to fear for your job and to want to protect your reputation, but there are always options. Because it can be an overwhelming and confusing process, it is important to be aware of your legal rights and options so your interests are protected.