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What are some of the grounds for wrongful termination in California?

| May 26, 2020 | employment law |

A person’s job is an important part of their identity. Many California residents spend years in school in order to obtain a successful career. If a dispute arises between an employer and employee, it can sometimes lead to an employee being terminated. But not all terminations are valid and sometimes an employee can be facing a wrongful termination situation.

No one ever expects they will be terminated from their job. These are situations that are serious and emotional, especially for those who believe they did nothing wrong. If a person believes they were unlawfully terminated from their job they may have a legal case. There are several grounds a person could fall under for wrongful termination in California. One example is for at-will employees. There are California labor laws that carve out exemptions to the at-will labor status including an implied contract where an employer is not to terminate without a good reason, fraud, etc. Another common form of wrongful termination is the whistleblower protection. In California, employers may not retaliate against their employees who report a suspected violation of their employer to the government, supervisor, law enforcement, etc.

Additional wrongful termination grounds can include wrongful discharge under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, a law prohibiting workplace harassment. Also, termination for political activities is not allowed. In addition, if an employer makes an employee’s working conditions so terrible that they don’t have a choice but to resign it can be grounds for wrongful termination.

A legal professional who is skilled in employment law can advise their client on whether they have a wrongful termination case. An attorney can defend their client’s rights and hold their employer accountable for their wrong actions if necessary.