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Claims of employment law violations spark former CEO’s lawsuit

| Aug 21, 2020 | employment law |

Employment law violations are a common problem in California and across the nation. While sexual harassment has become one of the most prominent issues about which complaints are filed, there are still wage issues and discriminatory behaviors taking place. Women are especially vulnerable to being discriminated against and not being compensated the same as men. This is true despite the number of technology-based companies located in state and are the inherent expectations that they will treat workers based on merit. People who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed should understand their rights to seek compensation.

Pinterest accused of workplace violations

One recent case involves a former chief operating officer who asserts that she was discriminated against because she is a woman and was wrongfully terminated. The website Pinterest is being sued by its former COO. According to her, she was not paid as much as male colleagues. In addition, she says she endured sexism when she complained about it and was dismissed because of her complaints. Along with her lawsuit, the woman wrote an extended blog post about what she dealt with while working at the company.

She says that the company claims to have dismissed her because she was not sufficiently collaborative with colleagues. However, she believes that the dismissal was due to her complaints about workplace violations. She was marginalized after reporting a problem with their advertising and there were disparities with how she was compensated based on equity. She says the company unfairly targeted her. She also refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding her dismissal as the company wanted her to say that she chose to leave.

Workers have the right to fair and equitable treatment

Regardless of the type of job it is – corporate or blue collar – workers have the right to be treated fairly based on the law. If they are not, they can then seek compensation in a legal filing. Workplace discrimination still happens overtly and covertly. People who are reluctant to complain about it for fear of losing their job or having their reputation tarnished should understand what steps to take to be compensated. If gender discrimination, wrongful termination or any other employment law violations takes place, consulting with experienced legal professionals can provide guidance and advice on how to proceed to file a claim.