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Moving forward after catastrophe through a wrongful death suit

| Aug 28, 2020 | Firm News |

Families who experience a catastrophic accident may require a legal action to help recover for the loss of a loved one. Unexpected expenses create serious financial problems, and situations could worsen when dependents lose their primary caregiver and income source. 

Without financial relief, companies seeking payment for unpaid medical and funeral bills could attempt to hold a deceased’s spouse liable. As noted by, a family may file suit to recover for their medical expenses, loss of income and for their pain and suffering. 

Plaintiffs claim a helicopter pilot’s negligence caused multiple fatalities

Surviving family members filed a wrongful death action against two holding companies that owned and operated a helicopter that crashed into a California hillside. All nine people aboard the craft died when it went down in a thick fog. 

As reported by NBC News and The Associated Press, the families allege negligence and carelessness, and they claim that the pilot should have aborted the flight. They allege that the craft’s pilot continued maneuvering the aircraft through heavy fog in spite of the low visibility posing a risk. 

Survivors may file a legal action against a transportation company over their loss

Catastrophic accidents and injuries often involve commercial vehicles and passenger aircraft. Transportation company owners, however, owe a duty of care to ensure their drivers and pilots maneuver safely. When a pilot or driver causes a fatality while acting on behalf of an employer, a family may file a wrongful death action against the company that owns the aircraft or vehicle. 

A wrongful death action requires showing the court there was a failure in upholding a duty of care, which then resulted in the loss of a loved one. Transportation companies must properly train their employees and conduct background checks to ensure they possess the necessary experience and skills.