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Keep your teen safe behind the wheel

| Jan 5, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents |

If you have a teen who is learning to drive, begin having conversations about safe driving behavior. After all, teens have a disproportionate number of serious auto accidents compared to drivers in other age groups.

Help your young driver avoid accidents with these safety tips.

Remove driving distractions

Your teen should understand the serious hazard created by texting or using a smartphone behind the wheel. The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that the risk of involvement in an accident triples when the driver uses a smartphone. Drivers younger than 18 may not use a cell phone behind the wheel for any reason, even when they have a hands-free device. Stow your own phone while you drive to serve as a safety role model.

Limit passengers

In California, drivers who are younger than 18 have legal limits on teen passengers. They may travel with passengers ages 20 and younger only when a licensed driver age 25 or older is also present. Remind your teen about these rules to prevent the distraction of friends in the car.

Stress seatbelt rules

Most fatalities in car accidents occur because of a lack of seatbelt use. Teens are at especially high risk since they ride without a seatbelt more often than any other age group. Set a good example by wearing a seatbelt in your own vehicle and requiring other family members to buckle up before you drive.

Plenty of practice can help your teen become a safe driver and avoid the catastrophic personal injury that can result from an auto accident.