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What do you do after you get a burn?

| Jan 12, 2021 | personal injury |

People may experience all kinds of burns in their daily lives. Fire, hot water, electrocutions, even chemical products: These hazards are all around us, even when we do not know about them. Sometimes, these injuries are the responsibility of negligent parties.

The symptoms after a burn could also vary, from a slight blister or swollen skin to severe scars. In such situations, knowing how to deal with the injury based on its type and severity could be rather important.

Treating a burn

Professional medical attention is extremely important. However, you might have to act by yourself. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, you should take many factors into consideration when first deciding what to do about a burn.

The first step is finding out how bad it is. Determining the severity of a burn injury starts by looking at:

  • Depth
  • Size
  • Location of the injury

First-degree burns only hurt the surface of the skin. Second-degree injuries could damage the middle layer, and third-degree burns damage muscles, bones and nerves.

Seeking immediate emergency medical treatment

Grave burns can extend over 10 percent or more of the whole body surface. These can be life-threatening, and burns like this should be a high priority for immediate professional treatment from a doctor or hospital. They typically require at least an overnight stay.

Emergency professionals might treat minor burns at the accident site or in outpatient care. However, these injuries are still incredibly painful. Further, they might cause scars or disfigurement, depending on the site of the burn.

Your burn injury might result in more pain and cost than you anticipate. Please understand the big picture before you sign any release or accept a deal from an insurance company.