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Is eating while driving really that dangerous?

| Apr 27, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents |

Yes: distracted drivers are extremely dangerous. However, many Americans tend to underestimate how often they drive distracted. Naturally, a teenager posting to a social media outlet while driving is the quintessential “distracted driver.” However, distraction does not always involve smartphones and those too young to vote.

Eating while driving is a very common form of distracted driving. It is also extremely dangerous. Decide to Drive estimates that eating while driving can increase your risk of ending up in a crash or near crash by almost 40%.

What foods are the most dangerous?

Keep in mind that correlation is not causation. There are some foods and beverages that appear more frequently in car accidents, but this does not mean that eating something not on the list is any safer.

Some dangerous foods and drinks include fried chicken, donuts, chocolate, soups and coffee. However, it is also likely that these foods appear frequently in accidents because they are easier to eat in a car as compared to a turkey drumstick or mashed potatoes.

How can I avoid eating while driving?

Sometimes, getting up 10 minutes earlier can prevent you from eating in the car. Many Americans eat in their cars as a result of a lack of time. Setting your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier may allow you to eat your bowl of cereal at home as compared to trying to eat a granola bar while managing rush hour traffic.

On longer car trips, consider planning ahead and packing a picnic lunch. You can pull off at a rest stop to enjoy your lunch. Not only will this prevent you from eating drive-through food behind the wheel, it will likely also be healthier and less expensive.