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How can road rage cause catastrophic injuries?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | personal injury |

A sudden car crash or a collision may leave you feeling overwhelmed and in serious pain. In some cases, this accident occurred because the other person was driving aggressively and recklessly.

Road rage is not just a mere annoyance. It involves broken road laws and often happens on busy roads.

Deliberate recklessness

According to MSN, many people ignore stop signs or road signs while driving if they are pursuing another vehicle in a fit of anger. A person’s frustration over a perceived slight, along with an inability to regulate emotions, may him or her to commit traffic offenses while following you.

Some warning signs of this issue include angry gestures or yelling. Someone with road rage may appear to be screaming from their window, and in extreme situations, he or she may even exit the vehicle and approach you.


Another major risk is when an angry driver relentlessly pursues another vehicle. This means the person weaves in and out of traffic, potentially cutting through roads or other lanes, while following you.

You may also get run off the road or rammed from the back of your vehicle while driving, which can lead to your car potentially flipping over.


If a car near you is breaking the speed limit to an extreme degree, such as 20 or more miles an hour over the limit, then it could increase your chances of a serious accident if you both collide. This is even more dangerous if there is snow, ice or rain on the road.

Road rage leads drivers to act irresponsibly and negligently, especially when turning or passing other cars on a busy highway.