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Dangerous infant sleeper product recall

| Jun 16, 2021 | products liability |

The federal government publishes product safety recalls online to help protect the public and connect them with a way to get defective products fixed or obtain refunds for defective purchases. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission includes information about the dangerous product, and it is particularly important for parents to check the website for recalls of products that may put their children at risk.

Inclined sleepers such as the Rock ‘n Glide Soother are frequently on the list, and according to Consumer Reports, the government has taken a step toward banning these fatally flawed child beds.

Dozens of fatalities

There are four infant deaths associated with the Rock ‘n Glide product, but other inclined sleeper products have many more. The Consumer Reports investigation links 94 fatalities to inclined sleepers, in total, and a couple of dozen more to similar sleep products.

The CPSC does have safety standards for infant sleep products, but they address only five categories of products. Many parents assume that the inclined sleepers are safe simply because they are available for purchase, but this availability is due to a loophole: Inclined sleepers do not fall into any of the five categories. Because they are exempt from the standards, they can and do include a design flaw that can lead to suffocation.

Improved safety standards

Now, the CPSC has voted to approve a rule that requires all infant sleep products to meet the safety standards and not just those in the five categories. To prevent any misunderstanding by parents, a product’s packaging and marketing must make it clear that a product is not safe for sleep if it does not meet the standards. The new rule will go into effect in 2022.