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What is the most effective way to respond to employee complaints?

| Jul 20, 2021 | employment law |

Resolving employee conflicts may help you prevent ongoing tension that could disrupt productivity and success. Even when you do everything in your power to provide your workers with a satisfactory employment opportunity, you may still encounter situations where an employee comes to you with a complaint.

Knowing the best way to respond to employee concerns may help you proceed with confidence. When your employees see you putting forth your best effort to help them, they may show more willingness to work things out.

Get to the bottom

Depending on the situation, your employee may express concern in the heat of the moment. When this happens, bias, frustration, manipulation and irrational perspectives could provide a false picture of what actually happened. Your willingness to listen and provide an objective perspective may help clarify your employee’s concerns.

Creating an environment where your employees feel comfortable communicating with organizational leaders can help prevent conflicts. According to the office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance, employees should first complain to someone within the organization before taking their concerns to a third party. Your ability to develop a culture where your employees trust you can prevent the risks of people complaining to other entities outside of your company.

Encourage participation

After listening to your employee’s concerns, encourage participation in finding and implementing a solution. Create a timeline for solving the problem and plan a follow-up meeting where you can identify whether or not the solution has created effective change.

If an employee continues to complain and is not satisfied with your efforts, you may need to consider other options including legal intervention.