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Lounge chairs recalled following reported injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | products liability |

People in California like to take advantage of the generally mild weather to spend time relaxing outside. Unfortunately, defective outdoor furniture can make relaxation more difficult.

The retailer Dollar General recently issued a voluntary recall of an outdoor chair called the True Living Sling Lounger. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the chairs can collapse unexpectedly and cause serious injury.

Where do the chairs come from?

Dollar General has sold the chairs since 2019. It announced its voluntary recall in early August of 2021. The manufacturer that produced the chairs is in China.

What sort of injuries can the chairs cause?

There have been three reports of injuries involving the unexpected collapse of the chairs. According to the reports, when the chairs collapsed, the metal folding joints caught people’s fingers. This has resulted in lacerations, i.e., deep cuts in the skin of the finger, as well as finger amputations.

What should consumers do?

According to Consumer Affairs, anyone who has one of these defective chairs can return it to Dollar General for a full refund of the purchase price. The chairs sold originally for about $20. However, before a consumer can return the chair, he or she should make it impossible for anyone to sit it in by cutting the fabric so it will no longer bear weight.

Sometimes a product like this seems like a bargain at first. Later, it may turn out that part of the reason the product was so cheap is that there was not enough attention on safety. In this case, there have only been three reports of injuries so far, and diligence on the part of consumers and the retailer may prevent further incidents.