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Calculating damages in burn injury cases

The negligence of another can cause serious injuries to innocent and unsuspecting individuals. While these injuries can be painful and inflict victims with physical limitations, they can also cause other damages. For example, sufferers of catastrophic injuries can face extensive medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. Taken together, these damages can quickly become overwhelming, leaving many of these individuals with uncertain futures.

Car accidents can result in serious skull fractures

The sudden impact of a car accident can cause extensive damage to vehicles and people alike. Although many victims are able to escape with minor injuries, others suffer catastrophic injuries. Brain and spinal cord injuries are among the most severe injuries that can be suffered, and they can leave individuals forever changed. Far too often these victims are left with permanent disabilities that are expensive to treat and prevent them from living what they once considered a normal life.

A herniated disc can be a painful personal injury

A car accident or slip-and-fall incident can leave an individual with serious injuries. Some people in California are lucky to escape these matters with nothing more than scrapes and bruises, but others are left with serious harm. While brain and spinal cord injuries are amongst the most severe, there is a long list of injuries that fall somewhere in the middle of the injury severity spectrum.

Gold River firm stand up for those with serious injuries

Our last post on the blog discussed the tremendous costs associated with spinal cord injuries. As staggering as those figures may seem, other injuries can cause comparable damages. Brain injuries can also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat, and they can be just as ruinous to an individual's life. These catastrophic injuries often completely reshape an individual's life, redefining what constitutes a normal day. This can be emotionally and financially draining on an individual, and they can find it difficult to move on.

Personal injury claims: the cost of spinal cord injuries

An unexpected event like a car accident or a slip and fall incident can have a tremendous impact on an individual's life. He or she will have to deal with the immediate pain that accompanies injuries suffered in these accidents, but the physical, emotional and financial damage can be quite long-reaching. In fact, many people in California who are harmed in various types of accidents suffer injuries that last a lifetime. For these victims, merely making ends meet can be extremely challenging.

A primer on premises liability lawsuits

Californians who enter the premises of another rarely give much thought to their own personal safety. This is especially true when they are visiting with friends or shopping. This is because the law provides protections for those who are invited onto the premises of another. Those property owners who fail to ensure that their premises are safe for others may be held liable for any injuries that the hazardous conditions on their property may cause.

How does alcohol affect a Californian's driving ability?

Although most people in California know that drunk driving is extremely dangerous, there are still a fair number of individuals who choose to drink and drive. These motorists put others in grave danger. A drunk driving accident can leave a victim with serious injuries that can have long-lasting and sometimes lifelong effects. These victims may suffer a permanent disability, crippling financial loss and emotional harm that is overwhelming.So how, exactly, does alcohol use affect one's driving abilities? There are a number of ways. To start, alcohol can reduce an individual's reaction time. This means they may wind up braking too slowly to adequately stop for halted or slowed traffic, and they can fail to avoid traffic hazards. A delayed reaction time may also keep a drunk driver from appropriately yielding to pedestrians. But slow reaction time is not the only way that alcohol affects an individual's ability to drive safely. Additionally, alcohol can impair an individual's judgment, affect their ability to multitask and inhibit their ability to maintain proper speed and lane control. These diminished capacities can result in head-on collisions, high-speed rear-end wrecks and T-bone crashes that result from running red lights or stop signs.The sad reality is that more than 10,000 people nationwide are killed in alcohol-related accidents every year. Despite the enforcement of drunk driving laws and public awareness campaigns highlighting the dangers of drunk driving, these alcohol-related wrecks are going to continue to occur for the foreseeable future. Therefore, victims of drunk driving accidents need to take matters into their own hands if they want to try to recoup their losses, find accountability and obtain closure. This often means pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. With the right help, it is possible to gather the evidence and develop the legal arguments needed to put forth a strong claim.

Personal injury and the cost of a spinal cord injury

Injuries can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. Some of them are so minor that they don't even disrupt an individual's day-to-day life. Others, though, are so severe that they leave an individual permanently disabled. This latter group of people can find it challenging to make ends meet at a time when they struggle to recoup as much of their life as is possible under the circumstances. This can leave them completely overwhelmed.

Personal injury and the effects of a traumatic brain injury

A few weeks ago, this blog we discussed the costs associated with treating a spinal cord injury. While a spinal cord injury can certainly be catastrophic and life-altering, it is not the only type of harm that can completely upend a Californian's well-being. Traumatic brain injuries can also have a profound impact on an individual's life, requiring him or her to completely change the way he or she lives.

Costs associated with spinal cord damages can be enormous

Those individuals in California who are injured by the negligence of another can face a variety of harms. Some are lucky enough to escape a car accident with little more than a few bumps and bruises. Others aren't so fortunate. They may suffer from traumatic brain injuries that leave them cognitively, physically and behaviorally impaired, or they may wind up needing amputation of a major limb. These catastrophic injuries can completely change an individual's life, making it hard -- if not impossible -- for him or her to live what was once considered a normal life.

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