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We Defend Employees With Disabilities

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and other related legislation, employers and businesses must take appropriate steps to accommodate individuals with disabilities. The specifics of what those accommodations entail, however, is often left undefined, which can create problems for businesses that may result in a disability discrimination lawsuit.

At The Costa Law Firm, we defend employers and business clients throughout Northern and Central California who are involved in ADA-related litigation and other matters of labor and employment law. Our lawyers provide the high-quality representation normally associated with larger law firms while also providing personal attention and accessibility.

Taking Steps To Prevent ADA Violations

Much of our ADA defense practice involves pre-litigation counsel. Whether related to employee accommodation or the structural aspects of the office building, we provide informed legal guidance on how aspects of ADA could affect our clients’ operations. We take a detail-oriented approach to help clients avoid future hassles by helping them put policies, procedures and structural features in place that are in compliance with ADA requirements.

If your business has already become involved in an ADA-related dispute, we provide the experienced, practical and efficient legal services you need to protect your interests. We will not waste your company’s resources on improper legal approaches or frivolous activities. Instead, we get right to work resolving your claim through the most efficient, cost-conscious manner possible. Our attorneys have often obtained effective results in ADA matters through a negotiated settlement agreement or mediation.

When litigation cannot be avoided, however, you can rest assured that your case will be handled properly and as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Meet With An Attorney Today

We understand that many businesses do not actively seek to discriminate against those with disabilities. Therefore, we seek to help clients take the necessary steps to prevent such accusations. To discuss the specifics of your circumstances, call 916-400-2759 or 800-796-0397 toll-free, or contact us online. Our office is in Gold River.