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Accessible And Sensitive Representation For Workplace Harassment Matters

Is your co-worker sabotaging your work? Were you denied a promotion because you refused the sexual advances of your supervisor? Unwelcome behavior by a co-worker that interferes with your work performance or sense of well-being is workplace harassment. This includes behavior such as:

  • Saying humiliating things, using crude language or indecent gestures
  • Discussing sexual activities or requesting sexual favors
  • Joking about a person’s disability, sex, religion or race
  • Unwelcome touching
  • Displaying sexually suggestive or racially insensitive pictures
  • A supervisor’s preferential treatment for cooperation with sexual advances

Workplace harassment is prohibited by federal and state laws, including the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the California the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), along with other labor laws.

Seeking appropriate legal remedies can be complicated and frustrating. At The Costa Law Firm, our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience providing effective representation for employees who are experiencing workplace harassment. Whether the issues involved are governed by the EEOC, FEHA or similar laws governing employee protection, our services are accessible and cost-effective.

Do Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment Or A Hostile Environment At Work

FEHA requires employers to take steps to prevent and correct workplace and sexual harassment including:

  • Providing a clear harassment policy and complaint process
  • Ensuring confidentiality of the process to the extent possible
  • Promptly providing a fair, timely response and investigation of the complaint
  • Taking remedial measures to ensure a harassment-free workplace
  • Preventing retaliation to the employee who filed a complaint or participated in a workplace investigation.

Unfortunately, employers often fail to remedy a workplace that is intimidating, hostile or offensive. Our lawyers can help you understand the full scope of your rights and help you determine options for taking legal action. We can help you build a case to protect your rights to a healthy workplace environment.

The Costa Law Firm has a proven track record of holding responsible parties accountable for their wrongdoing. We have successfully achieved effective results for our clients in a wide variety of venues, including administrative and regulatory boards, using mediation or arbitration and in court.

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If you are confused about your employee rights to be free from hostile work environment or workplace harassment, we can help you pursue appropriate legal action.

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