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Defensive driving tips that could save your life

You cannot guarantee that you won't get into a car accident. You only control half of the equation; your safety also lies in the hands of those around you -- the car full of teens who are laughing and joking, the college student sending a text message, the business professional making a phone call, the blue-collar employee speeding to work because they're running late.

Motor vehicle accidents can even affect law enforcement officers

In Northern California and throughout the state, motorcyclists are vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents and the injuries that accompany them. Because drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks might not be as vigilant as they should be when sharing the road with motorcyclists, there is a constant danger for riders suffering long-term damage and death due to a crash. These incidents are not limited to civilians. Law enforcement officers who are on the job or off duty can also be injured when riding a motorcycle. They and their families also have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing after a collision.

Motor vehicle accidents and vicarious liability

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident can be stressful, overwhelming and downright terrifying. Many car accident victims struggle merely to cope with the physical pain they must endure, yet they also have to confront the emotional and financial damages that are thrust upon them. As scary as that is for motor vehicle accident victims, they may be able to seek relief through a personal injury lawsuit.

Motor vehicle accidents cause most pedestrian deaths in 30 years

Despite a crackdown on drunk and distracted driving, as well as the implementation of a number of safety features in vehicles, car accidents continue to occur in California and across the U.S. at an alarming rate. Perhaps the most vulnerable to these wrecks are pedestrians. These individuals are, of course, without the protections afforded by motor vehicles, which means that they often suffer extensive harm when struck by a car, truck or motorcycle.

Motor vehicle accidents and settlement negotiations

When victims of motor vehicle accidents in California decide to take legal action, they decide to do so with the intent of imposing liability and recovering compensation. Sometimes this requires aggressive litigation at trial. In many cases, though, these matters can be settled through negotiations. Before settling a case, though, a car accident victim needs to consider several factors to determine if settling is in his or her best interests.

Uptick in cellphone use could lead to motor vehicle accidents

There's no doubt that car accidents continue to be a problem in the Gold River area and surrounding communities. In fact, as electronic devices continue to become more universally used, distracted driving has seemingly become more frequent. Those who take their eyes off the road, even for a moment, can lose control of their vehicle, causing them to veer into traffic, drive over the posted speed limit and blow through stop signs and traffic signals.

We fight for those injured in motor vehicle accidents

A motor vehicle accident can have devastating results. While property damage is almost always a given, the toll taken on the individuals involved oftentimes far exceeds these losses. Victims in California can be subjected to extensive pain and suffering, and their physical limitations can make life extremely difficult. On top of that, a car accident victim may suffer emotionally and the financial ramifications can become overwhelming. Medical expenses can mount, rehabilitation costs can soar and lost wages can force a family to struggle to make ends meet. This may be especially true for those who suffer brain and spinal cord injuries.

Hours of service seek to prevent motor vehicle accidents

Semi-trucks make up a significant portion of the traffic in California. When driven safely, these vehicles can serve an important economic purpose by moving goods from place-to-place in a timely manner. Sometimes, though, these trucks are driven negligently, which can result is a motor vehicle accident that leaves innocent and unsuspecting individuals seriously injured.

Negligence can increase semi-truck stopping distances

It's common for an individual in California to feel anxiety when boxed in by semi-trucks on the highway or interstate. After all, these vehicles dwarf most other vehicles, meaning that a truck accident can cause significant damage and leave motorists with serious injuries. In the worst cases, a motor vehicle accident involving a semi-truck accident will be fatal. This is why federal regulators work to ensure that truckers are properly trained and rested prior to driving, and that truck companies work hard to ensure their fleets are well-maintained. Neglecting any aspect of truck driving or truck maintenance can significantly increase the risk of an accident.

Distracted driving is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents

If you've driven in the Sacramento area lately, or anywhere else for that matter, you've likely noticed a number of motorists looking down at their phones while behind the wheel. Despite numerous public safety initiatives and laws aimed at ensuring attentiveness while operating a motor vehicle, the sad truth of the matter is that distracted driving, especially texting and driving, continues to be a major concern in California. Making matters worse, those who operate their vehicles while distracted can put innocent motorists in harm's way.

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